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Frankfurt - Winter Impression

Library of Goethe House

Library of Goethe House


We had a one-day layover in Frankfurt in December last year. It was the first time we walked around in the city - everything is aged beautifully. 

After getting off a nice flight from Lufthansa, We started our day with 6am coffee and a blueberry muffin. We started to wander around the city without any plan or map. You can easily find direction on the street. The first stop was Goethe House. The historical house and the museum were simply stunning.. it felt like the time had remained in the era this house was built. I was so happy seeing all the amazing paintings and collection. 

We had lunch at one of the cafe near The Römer. As we walked around I was shocked to see a one of my favorite painting was on an advertisement billboard. It was a painting from Dante Gabriel Rossetti - how could I miss this precious chance? and there I found it in Städel Museum

We wished we could stay longer in Frankfurt before catching the plane back to Paris.. we will certainly come back to visit again.